Duygu Ay Collection accepts the following forms of payment for all online purchases:

    The transaction will be charged to your credit card as soon as the order is confirmed.

    International orders are GST (Goods and Services Tax) exempt. Delivery costs are added to the price of the Products and are indicated separately on the order form. Delivery costs are waived when free shipping is promoted on the Website.

    Order/payment has been declined 

    Please check with your credit card provider as there can be a number of reasons for this eg credit card not authorized for international transactions.


    Simply go to "shopping bag" and enter your Gift Card code/promotion code in the designated field. If the order amount exceeds the balance on your Gift Card or the amount from the promotion, please select the payment method with which you wish to cover the remaining amount. If the balance on your Gift Card or the amount from the promotion exceeds the order amount, you may use the same code for your next purchase. The amount remaining will be available until your credit balance has been used up completely.